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Barrage / Annicut Surveys


Barrage / Annicut Surveys

It is the survey being done on river or stream dam axis (the axis at which annicut or barrage needs to be constructed). It involves running of survey lines and determining their length, directions, elevation, high flood level, low flood level, soil testing, water flow determination of the river at the given dam axis. This process is carried out at a regular interval of 30 m from dam axis to required length in upstream or downstream hence able to provide equivalent data for determination of L-section and cross section of river or stream.

It is very important that a dense survey is conducted near dam axis of as close as 1 meter interval so that slight change in dam axis can be made due to abundance of data. It is also important to know the previous flood record in the submergence area so that dam height can be adjusted in the subsequent manner so that the situation is under control during heavy rain or flood season.

The government has its own department water resource department which maintain data and record of all such project.

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At Chaturbhuj you can be sure of legal practices and 100 % transparency in surveying process, Chaturbhuj act as an arbitrator and both the concerned parties can be rest assured about a fair transaction.

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