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Topographical Survey


Topographical Survey

Topography of a place is its landscape, geography or in other words it can be shape of a plot or the features found on it. A surveys company is often asked to carry out Topographical Surveys for clients as they intend to effectively utilize the land for development of a project. The land could be undulating, uneven and having slope in the wrong direction. After Topographical surveys required areas are prepared and made uses of, resulting in substantial saving of the property.

We are leading providers of topographical surveys. We provide state of the art topographical surveying techniques. From the very dedicated direct survey method, to the more advanced, remote sensing and photogrammetric survey, we provide you with a comprehensive array of survey techniques to choose from. We have very experienced team to carry out these surveys and can also boast of the latest technology, all that at the most efficient of the prices. We have an experience of surveying diverse topographies and hence, with the backing of the previous experience, we can tell you beforehand (and this to the advantage of the client, by minimizing resource wastage), which project to go ahead with and which not to. So, if you wish to associate yourself with the leading topographical surveyors, the search stops right here.

Topographical Surveys is done so that the architect is aware of the various features of the earth that are on the plot. There are certain features that can be removed or levelled. Depending on the type of the project certain contour lines that depict undulation or uneven heights can also be levelled, in order to increase the useful area of the plot. Also there are certain features that cannot be removed. In such situations it becomes easier for the architect to place the building or the project skirting these obstacles.

When large tracks of land have to be developed it becomes imperative to have the Topographical Surveys done so that the architect can have the building sited at the most convenient place after the site has been levelled and developed as per his requirement.

Chaturbhuj surveying and construction being one the prominent face of surveying in this region we are the best for one reason that is reliability may it be time, money or accuracy our surveying practices are such that we leave our client with no complaint except one How did you do that?

At chaturbhuj you can be sure of legal practices and 100 % transparency in surveying process, chaturbhuj act as an arbitrator and both the concerned parties can be rest assured about a fair transaction.

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