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Alignment Survey


Alignment / Route Surveys

Alignment surveys is predominately used where linear alignment of highway or railway. Sub-sea pipelines are being laid to carry crude oil from Middle East countries to India. If alignment survey is not carried out at regular intervals the pipelines would never reach the destination. If a detour is thus made it will inflate the cost of the project as a onetime measure but on a regular basis the pumping cost will increase as the crude has to be pumped to a longer distance.

Lying of the railway line is another area that requires very high caliber of alignment survey. Indian Railways at present has railway engines that are averaging a speed of over one hundred twenty kilometers. Such high speeds do require very high accuracy of alignment surveys. Tolerance in such cases is not permitted. Trains often have to pass through hill features through a tunnel in order to reduce distance. Tunnels are dug up from both the ends simultaneously. Using alignment survey it is ensured that the two ends meet at the designated spot. Metro rail is using alignment survey to lay new tracks underground.

Alignment of bridges is also important and the same is done after an alignment survey as loading on the structure increases when the structure is misaligned. This misalignment will give rise to lateral force which in turn will cause the structure to crack.

Alignment of highways are also important as they are done to ensure they are aligned with flyovers bridge and other state highways which provide non interrupted and smooth flow of traffic in highly populated country such as India.

Alignment of canal. Anicut/barrage dam axis are equally important to ensure proper catchment of water for irrigation purpose.

Alignment of tower line for proper alignment with the commencing tower for the exact consumption or electrical wire and minimum wastage of land underneath it such survey are necessary to be conducted.

Chaturbhuj surveying and construction being one the prominent face of surveying in this region we are the best for one reason that is reliability may it be time, money or accuracy our surveying practices are such that we leave our client with no complaint except one How did you do that?

At chaturbhuj you can be sure of legal practices and 100 % transparency in surveying process, chaturbhuj act as an arbitrator and both the concerned parties can be rest assured about a fair transaction.

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