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Land Survey


Land Survey

It is the survey being done on land. It involves running of survey lines and determining their length and directions thereby sub dividing the area into definite shapes and sizes and calculating their areas etc. in order to set up a structure.

While buying and selling land it is essential to survey the land so that the exact measurement of the land can be arrived at. Since the rate of sale and purchase is known, it is quantum of land that will be used to arrive at the total price to be paid or received.

The government on its own carries out land survey so that the charts and maps can be updated. This is required to be done in order to ensure that the charts and maps are updated at regular intervals.

In Chaturbhuj surveying and construction we do have the latest equipment to carry out the survey to the entire satisfaction of our clients. Our staff is very well trained and have years of experience to carry out land surveys. It has always been our endeavor to ensure that our survey results are totally accurate, reliable and delivered in the time frame as agreed. Last but not the least, our land survey rates are compatible with the rest of the industry.

Chaturbhuj surveying and construction being one the prominent face of surveying in this region we are the best for one reason that is reliability may it be time, money or accuracy our surveying practices are such that we leave our client with no complaint except one How did you do that?

At chaturbhuj you can be sure of legal practices and 100 % transparency in surveying process, chaturbhuj act as an arbitrator and both the concerned parties can be rest assured about a fair transaction.

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