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Structural Layout Surveys


Structural Layout Surveys

Structural layout are generally carried out through rope and rods the traditional way which in return develop cracks in the structure and are harmful for the structure life.

Properly aligned drawing in software are imported in total station in coordinate’s format providing accurate distance between columns. Hence carrying out layout through total station ensure column alignment in one straight line and help in reducing the chances of hairline crack in the structure.

Chaturbhuj surveying and construction being one the prominent face of surveying in this region we are the best for one reason that is reliability may it be time, money or accuracy our surveying practices are such that we leave our client with no complaint except one How did you do that?

At chaturbhuj you can be sure of legal practices and 100 % transparency in surveying process, chaturbhuj act as an arbitrator and both the concerned parties can be rest assured about a fair transaction.

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